What it isEdit

The construction site, (Hayden[1]'s area) has finally finished its work. Funded and designed by Hayden himself, this large and very expensive looking building is the main Alpha.Corp. Centre of technologies.

Aswell as this, any member of the public may train against our DemoBots or against each other in the battle simulators.

This is only possible, however, once you buy a membership card, which holds your basic information, no. of battle's won/lost, and, securely inside, a locator chip, which allows Hayden to keep track of any RoBattler he chooses.


Low budget, mass produced robots which can be remotely repaired, set to a specific difficulty, and move-set chosen by whoever plugs their card into the battle simulator, and battles them.

(for brief reference, search Blakbeetle "Medabots")

Battle SimulatorsEdit

Large, dome-shaped rooms, with fibre-optic metal constructors, in layman's terms, it can build any obstacle, or scenery.