The European Cup is held twice a year. It is a chance for young, old or any age AlphaBattler's to show the result of their hard work and training by competing against other AlphaBots from all over Europe. To compete in this Cup, however, you must have won in two tournaments at least.

The Cup is held in London, in the O2 arena.

How It WorksEdit

There are stages, depending on how many applicants show up.

until the semi-finals and Finals, the opponents flip a coin to determine the area choice. There are four area's;

Normal - the normal stage.

Water - the stage opens to reveals a large pool, with 4 floating mini-islands.

Rock - the stage opens to reveal boulders and a rough area.

and Air - the roof opens to allow the AlphaBots to fly.

The reigning champion at the present time is Hayden Tenno.