Hayden Tenno

Hayden is an average Teenager who is, alike the rest of the world, fanatic about Robots! Though he is usually happy, the years of Robattling have made him quite harsh and, in some cases, brutal. He has no time for weak opponents, or rule breakers, which he see's to with no remorse or mercy.

His Father is one of MedaCorp.'s best scientists who builds and designs Alphabots (a skill that he pasted down to his son), and, on a regular basis, tells his son everything there is to do with MedaBots!

As an inventor, he made his own version of MedaBots, which he calls AlphaBots.

His first AlphaBot is named Unitrix , who's "core"[1] Hayden found when he was a young boy, walking home from school one day. This "core", however, is an extreamly rare one, which makes it extreamly powerful. It's impossible for Hayden to have a week without being challenged!

He, as well as Brandon Black, Arthur Cole, Jared Sampson and one of twins Calumn, he started his own Robattling gang, the Alphas![2] whom he invented all AlphaBots for.

-Brandon - A.B.3 Mercy: AHX series, Special Attack: Revenge Strike

-Arthur - A.B.2 ShockDog - AHX series, Special Attack: Electro leach

-Jared - A.B.4 FireSpit - AHX series, Special Attack: Burning Rage

-Calumn - A.B.5 Rolling Thunder (R.T) - AHX series, Special Attack: Machine Gun Mirage

His second MedaBot, Warbandit, he received after he won the title European Champion after the European cup. It was given to him, as well as a lifetimes supply of any part, upgrade or New MedaBot he chooses (from MedaCorp.., a company his father works for) Warbandit has incredible amounts of energy and strength, only to match his speed and Defence! he was designed to be an unbeatable MedaBot, part of the MedaBot Elite, but, being an inventor himself, Hayden chose Warbandit to modify him into Warbandit V2! he hardly uses him, however, as he says that Unitrix is all he needs.

Though his fame and deal with MedaCorp. still stands, he prefers to acquire parts and build his own AlphaBots in his underground bunker which he had MedaCorp. make to ensure his work and activities remain private and secret. This is the center (or H.Q.) of the famed Alphas[3] and his work in robotics.