His CoreEdit

His Core[1] was built by AlphaCorp., but, through testing in numerous "bodies", was deemed to powerful (the most powerful ever built) and was scheduled to be dismantled for study, or a landfill.

However, Raphael Thompson (now a major scientist of ExTream-Tech), who thought that this core should be analysed and mass produced, but was denied. Frustrated, he stole the core, planning to continue his research at ExTream-Tech, and vanished. Unfortunately for him, while crossing a bridge, the core slipped through a hole in his jacket pocket, and bounced unwillingly on the bridge, through the rails, and into the river below.

A few days later, Hayden Tenno[2] was walking along a riverbank, frustrated (as his father had shunned him after bringing him his forgotten suitcase) caught a glimpse of shine on the water's edge.

It was a core.

His Kin and ArmourEdit

These were built and designed by Hayden before he had even found Unitrix's Core.

They are made of Carolium alloy, a rare, lightweight and almost indestructible metal.

Hayden acquired this alloy from his father's work station, AlphaCorp[].

His WeaponsEdit

Unitrix has the state of the art weaponry and strategic processing systems. In layman's terms, he's one of the most advanced AlphaBots in the world, as if Hayden would need this.

-version 19 constructo. blasters (four on each arm)

-version 16 pocket missiles (range of 120 yards) ((Demolition mode only))

-The most powerful Demolition mode that has ever been seen!

-version 24 constructo. machine usies

-version 12 Vulcan machine pistols ((Demolition mode only))

-and Hayden's own invention, the Sonic Resonator! (a blast ((similar to Medaforce, Medabots) from his chest conversion)


he was based off of a Kilobot from Medabots, a T.V show from 1999-2001. He was named Unitris, but, I redesigned[3] him as Unitrix